April 14, 2010

nine months on the outside

Dear Little Boy,

At 8:14 pm (Utah time, so I guess that's 7:14 pm here) you will be officially 9 months old. 

You've been out as long as you were in! 
I have to admit, I've liked this side so much more. 
You used to kick me on the right side (up by my ribs) for no reason all the time. 
You had the hiccups constantly. 
You made me hit the bathroom 5 times a night.
But even then you made me smile

 Now that you're out and we're getting used to one another, isn't life swell?
You crawl after me in our tiny little house all day.
We have long talks about everything.

I dress you up like animals and make you wear bow ties.
 You're welcome. 

I'm saving some super adorable bathtub pics for your wedding.
 You're welcome.

Happy nine months! 
I love everything about you, even the poop.
Thanks for coming to our fam!