April 14, 2011

21 twice

Today I've been a mom for 21 months.
Hold your applause please.
It's been a short/long road. 
Some things went by way too fast (the sleeping all day phase? yeah, I kinda liked that one). 
While others took their sweet time (not sleeping through the night for 14.long.months. for example).

One of my favorite things about being a mom is being able to say just that, "I'm a mom." 
When you announce that, all the other moms in the room go, 
"I here ya sister. Welcome to the club."
It's an almost instant thing that binds women together.
People suddenly get why your hair's not combed and why you have crap all over your clothes (blame the kid).
The mom title rocks.
I usually even like it at 12:30am when my head is just hitting the pillow and I'm drifting off to sleep, 
"Mommmmy! Waterrrr!"
That kid melts me.
My baby love. 
Drool and all. Thanks for coming to our family kid, we love you!
Big time.