April 22, 2011

temple day!

Today I got to hang out with B outside the temple alone for a bit while 
Toph helped out in the baptistery inside. 
We had some good times but it was super surreal to hang out on the same temple grounds where I got married (almost) four years ago with my 
now (almost) two year old.
Time flies. Sometimes first class.
And here's me after two hours of chasing B around and fishing him out of a fountain several times:
After the temple, my mom, sisters and I went to DI to drop off some items/look around.
Talk about an exercise in self control. 
This no spend thing is much easier from the safety of my non-thrift store apartment. 
I have a mental list going of things I'd love to freepile sometime soon too
(a blazer, nude heels, coral anything, one necklace, one skinny belt, and one thick belt)
 so here's to the power of wishful thinking/people getting rid of their stuff and me finding it!