May 2, 2011

One, two, three, four good things.

 I'm just full of happy times today.
First: I literally cut our grocery bill in half by going to Grocery Outlet
That's big news over here.
Second: I bought two new lipsticks at Grocery Outlet for less than one tube at Walmart
So long trying to get the very last dregs out of my massacred tube
Third: We went on a  fam ice cream date!!  Soft serve for 99 cents is king.

The last thing deserves its own paragraph ...

Fourth: Because I scored so many items at the free estate sale that need altering,
I'm having a whole dang Re-Working Week celebration!
There'll be amazing guest posts (seriously, these ladies are top notch), tips, tricks, tutorials, a giveaway and a few other fun things thrown in.
It's May 15th-21st so be here or be in big/crazy clothes that you woulda been able to fix had you been here!