September 11, 2011

Law Wives From Coast to Coast: Me

 OK so it's my turn. I'm a law wife too! 
Here we go:
Where does your hubby attend school?  
UC Davis, he's currently a 3L.

What's been the hardest thing about his being in law school so far? 
Feeling guilty about having so many loans. It was a huge shock to go from BYU undergrad tuition to the ever increasing Davis tuition. Laaame.

What's been the best thing so far? 
Where we ended up for law school! We LOVE our ward/town. We've made some amazing friends, had some of the best family times ever, and overall just really enjoy it here (sometimes I seriously feel like we live in Stars Hollow ... then I wake up & get a life but still!).

What's one thing you wish someone had told you before school started?
That not every law student will be the same. All I ever heard before school was that every guy will be gone all the time, studying, studying studying. That I should expect to be away from my hubby all the time. Not so for us. We live very near campus so Toph is able to be home a lot of the time. Which is great but sometimes I compare how much I see him study to all those others I heard about and I get naggy (me? naggy? never!). I wish I'd heard from a different perspective besides the "He'll be in the library constantly" people. Toph is the fastest reader alive, pretty much (It's kinda awesome) and he studies at home most of the time.

What's your biggest money saving tip for other starving law students? 
Don't spend money. But do fun, cheap things. No but for reals, I mentioned a lot of my tips here. Besides those, maybe start saving all your change in a big jar labeled "5th anniversary trip 2012!!!" Hint hint Toph. Next years a biggie. Don't forget.

Do you have any advice for couples just starting out in law school? 
Again, don't compare. Every body's experiences will be different. A lot depends on where you go to school, what the job market is like there, etc. Do your best, learn to support your hubby's study habits and don't pressure him to do more/less just because the other kids are ("remember who you are" "choose the right!!" etc.).

Anything else you'd like to add?
If you can, it's really cool to have a group of people to hang with that you can talk about hidden Bar costs etc. with. We have a little law wives group in our ward and I highly recommend it! 
Also, a little bit of background: We'd been married over 2 years when we went to law school and B was just 3 weeks old when we moved to Davis. So I've never been lonely while Toph was in class or whatev. B and I hang out all day and I've had a great time working on our apartment since we've been here. Projects (are babies projects?) make the time fly!

And that completes our tour of law wives from all up over. 
Thanks for participating ladies!
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