October 27, 2011

Day in the life

The Tuttle's life is a fast paced, crash course in awesome.
 Kinda. Here's a bit of how we do:

Ditch the boys at the football field. Tell them to walk home when they're done rough housing.
Drive to the happiest place on earth. Seriously. Show me a store that sells cute fabric for cheap, the most comfortable flats ever, delicious peaches for under a buck a pound, and huge pumpkins and I'll say, "Duh. I've been to WalMart a thousand times. It's my dream birthday party venue!!"
Take your loot home. See how excited B is to have a little pumpkin of his very own.
Go to the library (while B naps) by yourself!! For two whole hours!!!
Babysit B's best friend. Be grateful you don't have twins. (Just kidding Jess, they were great!!)
Have a BBQ/carve pumpkins with friends while talking pop culture and reasons why we need to go to Disneyland asap.
I stinking love the fall.