October 11, 2011

Just the facts.

So I wasn't gonna to post til life got normal again but I'm just sitting around, 
basically under house arrest, and things are getting a little bores-ville. 
I'm sick, people. Sicker than I've been like: ever. We're going on day five and it's getting old. 
I had this crazy cold that would.not.go.away. and it killed my immune system. 
And then my eye exploded. Infection time. Big, swollen, infection time. 

The good news: I get to wear these sweet shades 24/7 or people run from me screaming:
 Yep, hidden right under these tin foiled specs lies the love child of Quasimodo + Igor.
Good thing it's October.

I'm at my moms house so B has someone to watch him while I rest and Toph goes to school and she's been taking me to the doctor daily for treatments. 

Things I've been appreciating while cooped up:
Hanes v-necks. Best shirts ever.
Blogs that have their mobile formats switched on. Thank you everyone who's done this!!!! Go do it if you haven't!!! Please!!
Twitter. I feel almost kinda connected to the outside world.
My fam. Couldn't get through this hideous time without you guys. Thanks!!!

Hopefully I'll be back to normal posting someday. I kinda miss it. A LOT!!!