October 13, 2011

New shades+more facts.

Everybody is the best! Thanks for all your sweet comments, tweets and FB messages!
I really appreciate them all, nice people are my favorite.
I keep getting lots of questions too and since I'm just sitting here, why not post?
So here's the latest as of right now: 
I feel fine. That's the weirdest thing. I'm literally sicker than I've ever been but I feel normal. It's eery/freaky.
What do I have: Right now? A very large lump in my eyelid. That keeps growing.
Maybe just some rogue infection, maybe my emotions are out of whack and my body is manifesting it through this hideousness, maybe an eyebrow plucking session gone horribly wrong. 
All are viable options so far. Even the emotion thing, I guess.

And here are the new shades my mom decided looked better in public than my robot ones:
Anyway, I'll be fine and I'm just thankful B has cousins and aunts/uncles to entertain him. 
He keeps calling me "scary owie eye." I prefer "Mom" but it's a working title.

Now for something less cray-cray. Kinda:
This SNL skit is keeping me laughing at this not-so funny time. Woof. Bears.
I know I keep mentioning this but it's the most exciting that's happened to me all week:
I got a huge shot in the butt yesterday! (Nice mental image, right?)
Yes, they still do that and yes it KILLED. And yes my mom was in the room. 
Yeah she's seen me in labor but this was a whole new kind of no bueno. Oy vey.