October 31, 2011

We took B to a farm. Good on us!

We're still adjusting to doing things B might have an interest in so we felt pretty 
Parents of The Year!! when we took him to this little farm/pumpkin patch last weekend:

B liked making "pumpkin families."
Ohmygosh! That tiny little baby goat made me more baby hungry than any human baby ever has. What's wrong with me??? Not sure.
We tried to take a family picture and quickly figured out that families are much happier when there are no kids in them. JKJKJK. But, the proof is in the pictures so ....
They had this wicked cool maze made out of hay and B was brave enough to go through the tunnels and run through the whole thing. I was brave enough to sit still and take pics.
It was a fun day, my fave part (besides that BABY GOAT!!) was the Baja Fresh we had afterwards for lunch. I'm a real outdoorsy type.