November 28, 2011

Home for Thanksgiving

After a trip home I feel like I've been trampled on and left out in the rain. Because of lack of sleep. When we go home we stay up way too late, eat way too much, and talk non stop. Now we're back in our tiny apartment and I'm beyond tired, B's looking around for more cousins to play with and Toph's back at school gearing up for finals. We had a great mini vacation and it was really fun to cook with my fam, go thrifting, take tons of pics, nap on the couch (my fave!!) and leave knowing we'll see everyone again in a few weeks for Christmas!! The ultimate things I'm thankful for this year are living in Davis, my healthy boys, and being able to recognize the many blessings we receive daily. Because as they say: you better recognize! Not sure why they say it but they do.

PS: B's little turkey hand from last years Thanksgiving traced on the tablecloth? I die!