November 21, 2011

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING!!! And it's so fun!!


So there I am going through my list and having a great day when all of the sudden I see a box wrapped up on the bed. Duh, I opened it. Inside was a ginorm camera bag.  First thought? "Why would I need a camera bag for my tiny Powershot?" + "And no juicer. Dang." As I'm cleaning up the wrapping paper I see another box wrapped up. INSIDE WAS MY DREAM CAMERA!!!!! Toph has spent the last year hearing me talk about bokeh, the exposure triangle, and buying (and then quickly selling) cameras because they all sucked. (Because I kept buying super cheap ones.) Well the kid went ahead and found a good deal on the camera that will now be accompanying us to the retirement home. And beyond. It was one of the  best birthdays ever! I took over 200 pics in one park trip and I see no end in sight. The last pic was my very first attempt at a self timer pic. As you can see: I have NO IDEA what I'm doing and my background came out great while my subject (me!) is all out of focus. I'm reading every tutorial I can get on eyes on!! I need tips! I need to learn to shoot in manual!  I am so excited to really dig into photography. THANK YOU TOPHER!!!

PS: It's a Canon Rebel EOS T2i and I'm calling her Harper. Harper Reb Tuttle. It's true love.