December 21, 2011

Christmas break so far

The last few days have been all about:
setting up the projector my dad got for his birthday (so we can view huge panda movies),
pushing the couches together to form the motherload couch and then lounging on it all day long,
re-reading some of my favorite books,
keeping up with the 30 Day Shred, (B loves to work out with me. So presh.)
and making+eating more graham cracker houses (MAD EYE MOODY door!!!)

Other things we've done that I didn't take pics of BUT I want to remember anyway:
We went to see It's a Wonderful Life as a play. Ummm .... everybody was good except the kid that played George Bailey. Jimmy and Frank Capra were rolling in their graves. Pretty sure.
I finally saw The Help. Oh my word, loved it. Viola Davis was perfection.
Toph's still at home finishing up school stuff and church assignments so we haven't seen him since Sunday. B does not approve.
Annnnd: Time to get back to the couch.