December 5, 2011

it took all weekend but: I'm caught up!! SO THRILLED.


Hey Meredith, what'd you do this weekend?
Oh nothing much. I just got out every text message, journal entry, FB pic, Myspace pic, and note Toph and I ever experienced since knowing each other and re-blogged the last 41/2 years of our lives. No big
Holy crap. I have literally been in front of this computer forever. BUT: I'm all caught up!!! The archives suddenly date back to 2006. 
There are magically no more "fashion" pics on this blog. Life can now resume as normal, people. 
And, since it's all I've been thinking about for days, here are the *posts that were the hardest/most fun to write:
B's in the NICU (seriously, these pics are hard for me to look at still)
B's blessing day :):) 
*Don't worry, I turned off all the comments. I don't really except anyone to go  back and read about our life and I especially don't expect anyone to comment! :)

Whew. Looking back at our story has been so incredible (lots of emotions in a tiny bit of time) and I'm so excited to keep up with it from this point on. Oh yeah, and  besides writing, writing, writing; we also went to church (like every Sunday) and to the community Creche festival this weekend. It was gorgeous! So so gorgeous. I LOVE this time of year!

PS: Now I'm getting ready to print some of the blog out into a book. (Yay!) I've already looked into blog2print, but does anybody have an even better website they'd recommend? Thanks!!

PPS: Sorry if weird stuff has shown up in your Google reader too! I accidentally posted old 
stuff under current dates at first. Dang it. All is now fixed.