December 7, 2011

Q&A: workouts+the eats

I get a lot of questions about when I workout, where, by doing what, etc. 
Well, I'm gonna reveal ALL today so watch out. Woah.

When do you workout? I usually workout when B naps in the afternoon. It's not a great time because by then I'm already dressed for the day and working out makes me a sweat machine, but it's consistently the most available time I have.

Where do you workout? In my living room. Usually with the curtains open so walk on by if you're in the mood for a disappointing/pathetic show.

What do you do to workout? Right now I feel like I've tried it all. After I had B I was in weight loss mode big time (and he just slept all day back then so it was super conducive to that mode). We walked for a couple hours a day and then I'd do pilates using Netflix streaming (I recommend this DVD a bunch, love the abs+arms segments) for a little bit every day. After he got a bit bigger, and I had less time+I was at my goal weight, I kept working out because I liked it. I did a Jillian Michaels dvd for 6 weeks to test it out (this one, LOVE it. but it's a killer). I tried running (I even ran two 5k's) and realized again how much I HATE RUNNING. I wish I didn't! But I do. I tried P90X for about ten days (soooo long), I tried other pilates DVDs, I got workout ideas out of magazines. I checked out weight lifting videos from the library/Youtube. I found stairs around town and ran those. I set up little circuits in my living room and did two sets of reps at each one and went around each circuit twice while blasting music (I still do this a few times week, it flies by and you sweat like crazy). Right now I'm on day 5 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred and I'm LOVING it (my neighbor and I just swapped workout DVDs because we were both sick of our own). It goes by so fast but you feel like you've had a decent workout by the end. I also started biking everywhere I go if I'm not taking B, which is just for fun because I love biking. Basically I'm just a living room worker outer who fits it in when I can. AND: I prefer weights to cardio

You've mentioned "eating clean" before, what does that mean? The basic idea is to stay away from altered foods and to stick with things that are whole, natural and have few ingredients. This blog is an awesome resource for clean recipes, explanations and tips. I've also been trying to take pics of everything I eat the last few days so I could do a post on it ... two things: Taking decent shots of food is hard. And: there are a lot of pics. I love to eat. 

Do Toph and B eat clean too? Yes and no. I mean, dinner's whatever I make usually and I always cook clean but snacks or bribes tend to be pretty normal. (I bribe my kid with dirty food, pass it on.) For example I buy chips for Toph and almonds for me, or ice cream for Toph and mango coconut water sorbet for me. Or sometimes we all just eat crap and it's great. Life is life and food is fun.

Hope that answered a few questions for people!!!!