January 18, 2012

he's two AND A HALF. oh my goodness.

I just realized this kid made it to 2 and a half a few days ago!
That half is so important when you're little. Or when you're a mom and everything is important. 
Anyway, here are some things I want to remember about Bronzo from right now:
- He'll only wear sports themed clothes. Except on Sundays when he gets to wear a tie "like daddy!!!"
- He's obsessed with Topher.
- He loves to dress and undress himself a million times a day. So many b-ball shirts, so little time!
- His favorite song is the alphabet song and he sings it a hundred times a day. Give or take. Usually give.
- Everything he plays with becomes a gun or a sword. Why????
- He just started saying "impressed" "privacy" and he tries to rap when sitting on the potty.
- He's almost potty trained!!! (Fingers crossed I didn't just jinx all the progress in that department by announcing it.)
- He's really sick of me taking pictures of him. As seen above: "Four more pictures mommy, then stop!!"

I'm not sure how so many months have gone by since B made his debut into our fam but seriously, we're so glad they did! 
Best 2 and a half years ever. Literally. I hope B thinks so to.