January 5, 2012

I've been shredded. Like crazy.

Hallelujah+jump for joy!!

I finished the 30 Day Shred!!
I brought the DVD with me on Christmas break in the hopes the I might actually do it every day and if you 
follow my (all too often used) twitter, you know that I did.
While I was tweeting so much about it, people kept asking if it was "working" as in: "Are you losing weight?"  
When I set out to do the full 30 days I wasn't looking to lose weight.
I was just trying to get back into a workout groove (which I did!). 
Each segment was fast and fun and I was sweaty by the end. Good enough for me. 
Plus: considering the amount of treats I managed to shove into my mouth over break, 
I'd like to thank Jillian for the fact that I didn't turn into Gilbert Grape's mom. 
(The motherload couch was very conducive to fudge consumption. Yum.)

Anyway, overall I loved this DVD.
BUT: If I could I'd combine the cardio from level one, the abs from level 2 and the weights from level 3. 
And here's one more con: Pretty sure my thighs got bigger. Too many squats.
I know it's muscle or whatever but still, I don't really want bigger thighs. 
Speed skating is not my hobby. 

Now what??