January 10, 2012

she reads//The Poisonwood Bible

I got The Poisonwood Bible way back during birthday week and finally got around to reading it a few days ago. I finished yesterday and my brain almost exploded. In a good way. I love when I read a book and know it'll stick with me. Lately, more times than I'd care to admit, I read filler books. Quick but entertaining stories that don't mean anything in the long run (like watching a Lifetime movie. It's all good but not really substantial, you know?), so diving into something like this again was awesome. 


Without going into the plot (most people I know read this one forever ago so I don't want to be too redundant), for me this book was about womanhood, motherhood, independence, faith, and most definitely about Africa. Africa was it's own character. I thought my favorite narrator was going to be Adah hands down, but it turns out I preferred Leah in the end and Congo overall.
There were parts where I laughed out loud, bawled my eyes out, and passages I underlined and made notes next to.  
Barbara Kingsolver is an amazing author. Even after all that, I can't say that this is my favorite book or even in my top 3 (top 5 perhaps), but it for sure made me think. It left me with so many huge+unanswerable questions:

How in the world could 1960's America and 1960's Congo even exist on the same planet as each other?
How can there be so much over abundance here and so much need there?
Why do women stay with abusive husbands and fathers for so long?  
How can women be seen as something to lust after and need but, in the same hour, be treated as sub par and worthless?

And like a million more that I filled the pages of my journal with. Safe to say, I've been Googling Congo history like a mad woman. 
ALSO: This book made me want to read Little Women again! I try to re-read it every year (all time fave book) and I guess I'll be getting an early start this time.