February 7, 2012

I planned it this week AND I'll do better next time.

Trading off weeks for date planning has been really nice. This week however was a little me centric. Which I loved.  
And Toph was a good sport about it but I'll do better next time. No.doubt.in.my.mind.

 First: Toph took my pic because I was feeling semi sassy.

Then he took my pic because we realized I'd been vandalized.
(AND I 'D LEFT THE HOUSE LIKE THAT.) Motherhood is such a great accessory. 
And yes: All of my pants hang off my backside like that. I have no bum. NBD.

Anyway, we went to Super Walmart and I got a mani/pedi while Toph wandered around and looked at the electronics. CLASSY. 
I liked it, he liked it but we didn't really spend time together. We just spent kid free time separately, in the same store. 
Not exactly the point, I guess.

We met up after I was all beautified and went to a Lunar New Year festival for the free food ...
 So basically Toph is better than me at planning meaningful dates. 
BUT: My feet look great. And at the end of the day, isn't that what really matters? 
Might just be.