February 29, 2012

it was kind of my fave

Now for a date that Toph planned: He got tickets to the Kings vs Jazz game (for insanely cheap)! I was so excited because 
I'm a major Jimmer fan (the one thing Bronze and I can agree on lately: Jimmer is number one) and seeing him play live was sooooo cool. 
And OK, so he only played for like two minutes but as they say, "Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven."

AND he sank a three!! It was too much. I lost my voice screaming. 
Fun fact: I love watching basketball and I'm super competitive.
Plus: We won!!!! Lucky charm, right here.

It was such a great time! 
Probably the best part came after the game though. When we had to search the parking lot to find our car ... for 45 minutes.
Next time I'll take fewer pics of myself and more pics of the parking locale. Check.