February 3, 2012

day in the life

The other day I woke up before Bronze for the first time since he was probably a month old 
(and OK it was only because he slept in til 9 but still. Kudos to me.) and I thought,
"What should I do with these few precious just meeee minutes??" 
Get ready should've come to mind but no. I decided to start a small photo log of the day instead:

The first shot is right right after waking up. As if you couldn't tell from the under eye bags and un brushed hair. How I do. 
The second shot is directly after putting B down for his nap and getting myself dressed for the day. New lipstick in action! 
The last one is just after getting B in bed for the night. My life revolves around his sleep schedule. And my pajama wearing schedule.