March 21, 2012

B's bowl

I love seeing what other kids eat and I love putting together B's little meals every day.
 With those loves in mind, I thought I'd share some of the things my boy puts away:
a cutie, shredded mini wheats+almond milk, greek yogurt+frozen berries

 homemade tortilla, beans+cabbage+onion+tomato, cheese

 homemade applesauce, PB & honey on an English muffin, raisins

a cutie, Trader Joe's skinny fries, turkey, cheese

 homemade applesauce, a cutie, grilled cheese on an English muffin, Newman's sandwich cookies

Bronze pretty much only wants to eat out of the Mickey bowl we got him for Christmas. (Target, clearance!)
I have to wash it a lot but it's cool, I'm just glad he's so into such a simple present still. I also love how it helps divide his little foodies up. Presh. PS: Guess which fruit's been on sale at Grocery Outlet lately??