March 5, 2012

It's not him, it's me ... all right, it's kinda him too.

Sometimes I forget that we live in one of the best places (for us) ever.
 It's a land of no snow, being within walking distance of all that is awesome, and tons of beautiful outside space. 
We have no idea how much longer we'll get to live here so we're trying soak it up as much as possible lately.

Also, after a few weeks of B's anti-mom, anti-nap, anti-acting like a human thing (and after many daily pleas of "Heavenly Father please give me more patience!!!") I realized the kid just wants to spend more time with me. WHAT THE HECK? I feel like we spend every waking moment together (because WE DO) and maybe we need more breaks from each other. But I've noticed that when I actually get down on his level, take the time to play with him and not just have him play near me while I do my thing, he's overall so.much.better. He's not back to napping full time but he will take a semi quiet time and yesterday, when I picked him up from nursery, he ran to me and yelled, "Mommy!! I missed you!"
Then he hugged me. Super tight .....
I'm gonna pick him up late more often.