March 26, 2012

she reads//he reads

When Toph and I met, one of the big things that drew us to each other (aside from our mutual and blatant modeling skills) was that we both loved to read. He'd only met a few girls who liked to read for fun and I'd NEVER met a boy that did. It was on my list. It was on his list. 
Since being Mopher, we've swapped and discussed books. It started with me lending him a copy of  Cheaper by The Dozen so he'd get some of the lines I always quoted from it. After we got married, we kept swapping our favorite reads or reading new books together so we could talk about them. We call it "husband & wife book club" because that's a super original name. We're getting it trademarked.  

So far in the club we've read:
Cheaper by The Dozen (my pick. such a fun + fast read)
The Harry Potter series (his pick. and one that we repeat every now and then)
Gone With the Wind (my pick. it's soooo good!!)
The Hunger Games trilogy (mutual pick)
The Poisonwood Bible (his pick. so glad I finally read it!)
I feel like I'm forgetting some ... whatevs.

Yesterday we were talking about what we wanted to read next. I think I'll try and tackle Watership Down finally, it's one of his faves and I've been putting it off forever. I want him to read The Help, I think he'll love it. He'd better!!!! But no, I really think he will.