March 13, 2012


Aside from the sleep confusion hell that is "springing forward" (B's still awake and it's 1:59 am!), today was one to remember. We were at the mall this morning and I was trying to keep B entertained while Toph got some mall errands done. We rode the escalators and the glass elevator, we went in the shoe store and B told me about every type of shoe and what sport they were for. We moved our hips like those moving display shelf thingies. (Bronze was way better at that than me. No surpreeze there.) We hugged every single Mickey item in the Disney store. We watched the carousel spin 'til I was crazy dizzy. It was all so exiting for him, pretty sure he's never really been to a mall.

Eventually, B started asking me to buy him things. I kept telling him, "Sorry kid, not this time. We don't have money for that." As we were leaving he glared at me, "Why we have no money mom? Why you say no?!" Ummm ... Which reason to give him? "Because this isn't the freepile/a thrift store/the Target dollar bin and you can't just pick anything you want out." "Because daddy's in law school and it costs lots of money." "We do have some money but I'm not spending it on mall crap. Plus, you have too much stuff at home already." I settled on a mixture of all of the above.
Later on we played baseball outside and B shouted, "We have money to play baseball!!"

I remember someone saying the four most caring words to use on those we love are, "We can't afford it." Well, I hope B knows I love him.
I also hope he knows, even if we had all the money in the world, the Team Tuttle motto is: Why buy new when you can buy thrift?