April 18, 2012


These are for reals pics of me after running almost 4 miles. I may have to submit them to a few fitness mags.

Running the arboretum was my wildcard bucket list item. I added it to the list and then realistically crossed it out and scribbled "YEAH RIGHT" in its place. Because, yeah.right. I no run good. In spite of that, I've been trying to get more into it for the past few weeks and had built up to going out for 20 minutes consecutively (killlled) so far. Well, that time was blown out the water last Saturday when I strapped on my trusty spandex and hit the arboretum trail. I got out there with the goal to make it to 25 minutes. Here's what I remember thinking about on my longest run yet:

"Woah. I'm already at the law school. I'ma keep going. Say Yes to the Dress was bomb last night. I love Big Bliss addition. If I could buy a new wedding dress, I'd go with a short one. Oooh, I want to take a picture there! Pretty. I can't breathe, I need to slow down. I'm already getting passed by walkers though. Whatevs, at least I'm still going. I wonder if Bronson will be up by the time I get back? Hope not. If I actually run this whole thing Toph's gonna be so proud!!! Keep going. When I get home I want a ginorm glass of ice water. And a donut. But not. I'm at the stables?? Never made it this far before. Suh-weet. Oh man, that grandma just passed me. But I can't go faster and still run. Breathe! Breathe!! I wonder if I should delete Pinterest and get a Tumblr. I never use my Pinterest. School of Rock is so funny. We really need to watch it again. I wonder if it's on netflix instant play? Friday Night Lights is getting so drama. It's kinda like Degrassi with football. And Tim Riggins. Tim Riggins should be president. No joke. HOLY CRAP I'M AT THE END OF THE LOOP!! Wait, now I have to run back? Breathe. Don't Stop! Just slow down. I think I'm gonna make it!!!! Woah, wedgie. Hope no one's behind me. We're clear. It's so gorgeous out here! I want to stop running. BUT I WON'T." Etc.

Maybe I should start running with music?

So I made it, I ran every step. It took me 43 freaking minutes but it was worth it. I felt so awesome running up to our front door in the last few seconds!!! Not awesome enough to wanna try it again anytime soon but .... Toph made sure to snap a few pics this time anyway so it's well documented. Crossing it off the list!