April 26, 2012

clean eats

This was good. And real easy. A few of my favorite things.

One cup milk (I used 2%. Milk with a little bit of fat in it will work better.)
One cup frozen strawberries
2 TBS 100% maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
2 TBS Greek yogurt (optional, I added it for a protein boost)

Blend everything together in your blender until the strawberries are well incorporated with everything else (blend for less time if you want bigger strawberry chunks). At this point you can either just drink the blended mixture (best.strawberry.shake.ever.) or stick it in your ice cream maker and make it into ice cream. We ate ours right after it was done mixing in the ice cream maker so it was nice and soft. You could always freeze it up a little bit more in the freezer before scarfing though. If you want. This made about 4 cups? Maybe? I'm not really sure, we ate it too fast to really measure ....

PS: You can make this with other frozen fruits too. Frozen mangoes and blackberries are some of our faves over here!