April 9, 2012

q&a: photography

I've gotten a few questions about what I use for my pics. Today's the day I tell all. 
Prepare to be blown away with my incredible photography genius. 
It's a newborn genius and maybe more of a photography half wit right now but ... still. Being blown away might happen.

First up, here's what I lug around:
1- My camera, aka: the best gift EVER from Topher. I shoot in two modes: AV when I'm outside and Sports when I'm inside/there's no light. Real photographers are probably cringing right now! :( I really wanted to go the manual route but after a few weeks of it,
 I realized I couldn't keep up with B if I was adjusting my settings all the time. So far, my way works great for me and the shots I like to take.

2- The lens I got for Christmas! I never change it (I reallly should before I take videos though ... ) 
because I love the blurred (bokeh) background look. This lens helps me get it every time.

3- Another gift from Toph, this remote has changed EVERYTHING about self photography!!
 And it was only 4 bucks. Word.

4- I found my dad's old tripod (that hadn't been used in forever) a while ago. 
 Long gone are the days of propping up my camera on books or the hood of other people's cars. Fancy!!

After I take my shots, upload them to my comp, and decide which ones I want to pretty up and keep;
 here's what I use on the blog machine to edit + save them:

1- I used to use picnik all the time for photo editing but since it's closing soon I've moved on to pixlr. Pixlr's free and it has a few main options to choose from, I go with the express one because it's super simple/fast and has tons of editing tools. I love the font varieties, the color adjustment tool and the effects. I usually upload a pic, crop or adjust the color if necessary, put an effect over the pic (I LOVE the Janine effect scaled back to about 60%. It's under the "Subtle" effect label), and add text if I want to (I love the font Jenna Sue right now! It's under the "Handwritten" text label).  After editing, I save the pic back to my comp and then .....

2- I upload and save to my photobucket account. Uploading pics straight from the comp to my blog ruins picture quality. 
If I save to photobucket first and then upload from there to blogger, they look much better. 
Which everyone probably already knew but I just figured out last year. Like I said: newborn genius/half wit.


Annnnnnd: That's about it. No yeah, that's it.