May 21, 2012

the boss for a day

Let me just say this one more time: Topher graduated!!
 He even walked and it was fun and we made a trip out of it.

We spent two days + nights away from Bronson (and I was way more nervous this time than last time. Not sure why but I'm probably just getting less mature as time goes on. We all saw it coming.) and it almost felt like the old days. The old days minus the best part of the new days. I love our weird little kid. 
Anyway, besides missing Bronson, we went to the drive in, ate out a lot, took pics at the temple, I went shopping (!!), Toph took his last final, we walked by the old apartment (it's so empty and sad!), saw some friends, walked through the law school one more time, and watched way too much hotel TV. (My parents don't have TV at their house and it should be illegal.) 
It was a great trip and the actual graduation turned out to be way more interesting than I thought it'd be. I spotted Toph right as he walked in and he totes saw my double fist pump and heard my very enthusiastic, "Woo hooo!!!!" as he walked across the stage in his fancy cap + gown. 

Guess what else I did on the trip? Ate sugar!! That's right, I decided to go a little nuts and eat a tiny bit of Trader Joe's licorice and a few Jelly Bellies to celebrate. Guess what else?? After I ate them I didn't want any more. At all. Four and half months of no sugar has literally curbed my addiction. When we got back, my mom made Toph a carrot cake to celebrate (my mom's carrot cakes is ridiculous, it's so good) and I had a few bites and was just done after that. I'm kinda impressed and thrilled that I can indulge but stop before I go too crazy now. It's super liberating and if given the choice between the sugary stuff and fruit or whatever, my taste buds totally go for the natural thing. I'm amazed but after this mini deviation, I'm definitely going back to full time no sugar, I just feel way better that way. PS: If you haven't had the Trader Joe's soft Australian licorice before, have a piece. Da best. And I'm the temptation devil.

(I feel like I have to add: For the actual graduation, I wore heels. But not contacts because they killll my eyes. Full disclosure.)