May 25, 2012

looking on the bright side

I have a realllly hard time finding anything good about the tiny town my parents live in. I kinda need to stop snarking on it and just try to make this summer the best it can be for Bronson. He loves it here and that should be enough for me. (But he also loves eating crap off the floor and that's so not enough for me. I need my crap served on a plate. Picky picky.) Anyway, tonight I saw that the light was delish and the field across from my parents place is a two year old boy's paradise. So out we went into the windy wind to take some pictures together.

I can't really stay snarky when B's in a good mood. 
He's the best kid ever in my book (with unparallelled shoe matching skills
and this summer's gonna be fun. Or bust!!