May 31, 2012

something to look forward to

Guess what? Studying for the bar is wayyy worse than law school. Says me, the voice of authority on this blog. Every night in his little before-bed prayer, Bronson says, "Please help daddy study good for the bar exam." And every night I want to second that request mid prayer with a "Holla!!" We see Toph less than we used to (under.statement.) and B misses the crap out of him. 
Enter weekly family night. 
It's a must, we need something to look forward to and Bronze needs some alone time with just us (we're crashing with my parents, grandma, and two youngest siblings still at home this summer). 
Last week we kicked it off by going to the river to skip rocks at Toph's request. 

B wore mismatched shoes  (what else is new?).
Toph skipped rocks like a rock skipping pro (a legit alternative career option if this law thing doesn't pan out).
And I rocked a three day matured french braid + thrifted leather huarache sandals that I keep instagramming because they're the most exciting thing to happen to my feet in a long while.
End scene.