May 19, 2012

the state of the union- 5

So our anniversary was on the 11th but we were moving that day and barely had time for a "Happy 5th!!" in passing. We decided to postpone the merriment (code for: eating of food) until we were more settled.
A few days ago we went back to Davis for Topher's last final and graduation and made that mini trip into our anniversary hooplah. (More on that later but let me just say we left B with my mom for TWO nights again. Crazy!)
One of the things I've been wanting to do was pop over the the temple and get some pics in our wedding fancy's (to update our original wedding pics with) and we finally did!

Never mind the remote in my hand and cars in the background. We took the pics ourselves and real quick because my dress was literally cutting off the circulation to my arms and rib cage. BUT IT ZIPPED! Miracle. I try to put it on every anniversary and so far it's fit every year except one (the 30 weeks pregnant year, no freaking way). Pretty sure I won't be wearing my dress ever again but it's been fun for our first 5 years to reminisce with that tradition.
Happy anniversary, Toph! How the heck have 5 years gone by already? How is Bronze almost 3 and you're already done with law school?!? Life is the literal craziest.