June 26, 2012

talking through movie night

Last night we set up my parents projector, opened the windows to let in the miraculously cool night air, and sat down to watch We Bought A Zoo. Finally.  
Bronson really liked all of the animals in the movie but mostly he was concerned with the mom in the story being dead. Not in a scared way. Just in a, "Why is that boy's mommy dead?" "My mommy isn't dead." "What would happen if my mommy was dead?" sort of non-stop, curious, question asking way. We kept answering him and I think he got it? As much as an almost 3 year old can get something like that. 
Throughout the movie he kept sitting by me, holding my hand, and giving me full on smooches, "You're my mommy and you're sitting by me." Yep, I am. And I'll be sitting by you for as long as you'll let me, kid.