July 22, 2012

day tripper


This summer has been full of fun activities (for me and Bronson. Deadbeat dad Topher's been too busy "studying." Pshaw+kidding. About the deadbeat part.) and when my older sister mentioned taking a little road trip to Grants Pass, Oregon last week, we were all for it. We headed up there for the day to visit some friends and it was awesome! We picnicked, thrifted, window shopped, and splash parked the day away and the kids loved it (there are 7.5 kids between us right now). Oregon was so much cooler than where we live so it was a really nice change of temperature and scenery. The thrifting was fab too: Dollar shirts that will (hopefully) fit for awhile and stretchy belts be mine!
Bronzie picked out some sweet thrift store kicks to add to his mismatched collection as well. That kid has more shoes than me and Toph combined.