July 2, 2012

for reals??

Last night I had a moment. A cry-and-write-in-my journal-and-then-write-a-sappy-letter-to-Bronson-in-his-journal type of moment. 
And all because it finally hit me that he's gonna be THREE in two very short weeks.

I've never been very sad about Bronson getting older, it's always just been exciting.
I don't look back at his newborn pictures and long for that again, those days were long and exhausting with very little back and forth. (He wasn't one of those talking newborns.)
I don't miss his eating everything off the floor phase or the crawling and pulling everything out of the cupboards era.
Then he turned two. Stop the clock, time out, freeze! Two has been the best. Sometimes terrible for sure, but mostly hilarious and full of firsts.
This year he started having definite likes and dislikes. He made friends. He really started talking his brains out. He potty trained, gave up the pacifier, and quit napping all in the same month.
He went to Disneyland for the first time. He got a real sense of humor. He learned to ride a tricycle. He called me and Topher by our first names for a few months. He became my friend, someone I genuinely like to hang out with.
I'm going to miss having a two year old Bronson. I'm gonna miss his little two year old body and voice. My mom always says, "There's nothing cuter than a two year old boy" and I (unbiasedly, of course) have to agree.
Two has been the best so far. But I kinda have a feeling that this time next year, three will seem pretty great as well.