July 14, 2012

then & now

So Bronson's officially 3. To celebrate/make myself sob, I've been watching old videos of him all night. Between video clips I cast meaningful glances at the birthday boy himself as he sleeps away his fleeting babyhood on our bedroom floor. He's content and seems totally unaware of the crazy lady crylaughing just a few feet over.
I love every.single. video we've ever made of him. Even the ones only a mother could love. The ones where's he's like 2 seconds old and we were so impressed that he could simultaneously cross his eyes, smile, and drool that we just had to Facebook them for "the grandparents" (Read: EVERYONE. Because duh, who didn't want to watch our genius baby for 47 grainy seconds as we loud talked at him??). While I love them all, I've managed to narrow down the archives to just a few video clips that I want to share for B's birthday. Here's our boy then and now:


The original talking to two. Well actually this one's Talking to 18 months.

As he likes to say, "I've got the moves like Jag!!"

Bronson is such a blessing and we're grateful for him every single day. Even on the most exhausting of days. Even then. Happy birthday to the star of our family!! You so do have the moves kid and I can't wait to see where three takes us!