September 24, 2012

"follow me!"

In three months Bronson gives up his only child status and takes on the title of older brother. I'm definitely more nervous about this than he is. (He's only nervous about not getting his allotted episodes of Dino Squad in today. Let's be real.) For the past three+ years it's just been the three of us. It's been manageable, simple even. Two adults against one kid, we usually win. 
Having Bronson to myself these past few weeks while Toph's been away has been harder but also pretty great. We have mandatory snuggle/tell-me-about-your-crazy-dreams-from-last-night time every morning (his dreams are always the same: "I dreamed I played football basketball and I WON!" So sure.) and I just look down at him and think, "One of my very best friends is a three year old." Maybe that makes me a loser who needs to get out more but I don't care. One of my very best friends is 3. Someday he'll be 15. Pretty sure I won't get/want to hear about his dreams then, so for right now I'm trying to soak this kid up. 
Bronson likes to talk about his little sister a lot. He includes her whenever he lists everyone in our family (we have a name picked out that's been sitting on our girls name list for forever) and when he says her name, it feels just right.
In three months there will be lots of changes, exciting and nerve wracking changes. 
But mostly exciting.