September 28, 2012

why hello third trimester

28 weeks.
It's all downhill from here. Or maybe not, I dunno. Going off last time where I hit, "Get this kid out of me NOW, I'm so over being pregnant!!" at around 30 weeks, I'm kinda nervous for this trimester. 
I haven't gotten sick or heartburn or severe exhaustion or anything really during the first two trimesters of either pregnancies. Nothing really changed for me at all until the third trimester last time. That's when my hands started going numb out of the blue, my legs started cramping up painfully, and I felt hideous in everything I wore. 
Although this pregnancy has been a little bit different from B's so far anyway, I'm still taking precautionary measures to avoid a repeat of the 3rd trimester meltdown:
I'm going to a chiropractor every week to prevent the numb hands. 
I'm getting in walks almost every day to hopefully scare away the leg cramps. Fingers crossed.
And while most of my normal clothes still fit, (As in: I can get them on, but should they be worn in public? No sir.) I've swapped a lot of them out for bigger stuff that I feel decent in.
I'm not one of those "I hate maternity clothes!" girls at all. I am one of those "I will not spend money!" girls though. After I had Bronson, I got rid of everything I wore while pregnant with him because I basically never wanted to see any of it again. Then I started hoarding. Whenever I found something cute in the freepiles or at a clothes swap that would work for the knocked up, I tucked it away for next time. Next time's here and at this point I have about 3 ginorm boxes of clothes (some maternity, some just bigger) that I love and that'll carry me through to the end of this pregnancy and into postpartum/nursing. 
If I do ever feel the need to splurge on something new, I hit up Walmart ($5 cheetah print leggings were my most recent splurge. I love Walmart and I don't care who knows it!!). 
Anyway, here I am at 28 weeks. 
Right now I'm all about watered down chocolate soy milk, hummus + pita chips, and sweet potatoes. Wouldn't want to forget any of those special pregnancy tid bits.