September 4, 2012

It was kind of a big (HUGE) deal.

When I was around nine, I wrote a fangirl letter to one of my very favorite authors, Beverly Cleary. I told her how much I loved all of her books (especially Mitch and Amy, Beezus and Ramona, and The Luckiest Girl) and how I planned to collect everything she'd ever written and read it over and over again (mission accomplished by now, pretty sure). I promptly sent it off and forgot about it. A few weeks later a postcard came! From Beverly (first name basis by then) herself (or her secretary .... )! She thanked me for the writing to her and for reading her books, she was so nice. It was definitely a "best day" moment in my childhood.

One of the coolest things about Bronson getting older is watching him have some of his own best moments. At the ripe old age of three he might've peaked though. While we were in Utah last month he got to meet the BYU football team, eat dinner with them, and get his (gifted) helmet and (freepiled) football signed. Best day.

The fastest way to my heart is being nice to my little boy. Seeing all of those great big football players bend down and take the time to talk football with my squeaky voiced Bronze was too much. I wanted to cry (so pregnant). 
Even when (or if) Bronson grows out of his sports obsession phase, I'm thinking the day he met the "bigger bigger football guys" will stick in his mind as an exciting childhood moment. I hope so anyways. (And yeah, that's mascara on his cheeks. Toootally normal way to apply it.)