November 18, 2012

35 weeks on my 25th birthday!

Well, here we are: 35 weeks pregnant and I turned 25 today. 25 sounds like a big deal to me but two kids sounds even crazier. Birthday week this year was low key because a) we're trying to spend as little money as possible right now and b) we were so nervous about the bar results that that kinda overshadowed all else. Toph did make the bed all week, surprise me with little candy treats, and kept Bronson busy so I could nap daily though. What a guy. All I really wanted on top of that were some updated family pics. Victoria snapped a few right after church and I love how they turned out! (Even though Bronze couldn't keep his eyes open ... )

These could very well be the last we take as a family of 3. What???! Exciting and mind boggling all at once. Dang.

25 is the new cray cray.