March 23, 2013

Day Trip: Pleasanton

We took a day trip! To Pleasanton, CA! I'll tell my joke one more time: It's really pleasant there.
Boom shaka laka.

We ate: at Eddie Papa's. Yummy salads, cute little baskets full of fries, s'mores made at the table! Highly recommend. The best (& unexpected) part: They give you cotton candy with your check!
More fun than an after dinner mint by leaps and sugary bounds.

We played: at Mission Hills Park and the library. The park had this giant metal death slide that Bronson was too scared to face alone. Toph and I took turns going on it with him. I wanted to slide a million times by myself but had to stop to nurse Ev, play photog, and be a grown up.
I love to see different libraries and they're always a great stop to get free wifi, hit the potty, and let B play with new toys and discover new books. Also, free air conditioning! It's already hot here.
I'm thrilled. (I'm a liar.)

We visited: old friends from law school days. (Oh law school, so long ago ... ) Again, new-to-him toys that Bronson loved (trampoline in the garage!!), good food, grown ups to talk to, cute kids; all in all, we had a great time.

Next month we're hoping to hit Monterey. COOLER WEATHER!!!