March 16, 2013

the "bunkbed Captain America stroller"

Seeing these pics forced me to finally take in this shirt. I've only been meaning to for weeksmonths.

Still no minivan (WANT), but we now officially have a double stroller. Grown ups be happening. Bronson is in love with it and I am too. It was a great deal (thank you Target red card + clearance section!) and as much as I love babywearing, Everly and I are already sweating to death on our walks and it's only March. With the bassinet feature in the back and "the big boy" seat in front, she sleeps, he sits/chats, and I push. And sweat.
Shoulda got a triple.

Edited to add: I sold this stroller on Craigslist after finding a Sit N' Stand for a steal of a deal at a thrift store a few months after buying this. I still miss the storage space from this stroller erry day. :'(