April 15, 2013

a weekend

We visited a retirement home to sing songs to the men and women retiring there. Bronson was on board!! Not. Never.
She wouldn't sing either (underachiever) but she sure did cute the place up.

Lego hoarding, sister cuddling, and the flying baby! 

Oooh, a picture of shoes! New concept!! But really I'm just glad I've been sticking to my goal to jog a little bit more often. I'm even kinda liking it? Kinda.

I've been on the hunt for my fave choc chip cookie recipe this year (to balance out the jogging) and so far these are my fave!!! They're a hybrid recipe. More on it later. 

I'm now one of those people who lives for the weekend. Having Toph around so I can take off for some alone thrift + grocery shopping is looked forward to. The extras like family library trips, picnics, and cookie baking are needed.
To balance out a week full of work, parenting, and not spending as much time together as we'd like, we soak up the weekends and put the kids to bed a little bit earlier than normal. 
What's better than a quiet apartment and re-watching Arrested Development episodes in preparation for the next season (that hopefully lives up to its predecessors!!)?
I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.