April 13, 2013

bloom and grow

  We've hit that zone. At first it's always, "Oh my goodness, what a tiny baby!" whenever you take your newborn out. But now here we are at 3ish months and we always get, "She's getting so big!" or, "I think she's grown from the last time I saw her even!" usually said with a touch of sadness or incredulity.
  It's more than ok to say these things (I know I say them all the time about my kids or to other baby mamas) but I try to respond without the sadness. Without the wistfulness of, "They grow too fast!" They do grow fast. But, I pray every single prayer that my kids will be on track. That they'll continue to be strong and smart and safe. That they'll grow. I can't be mad when it happens.
  While packing up, or giving away, the newborn clothes can be gut-wrenching, I'm also so excited to pull out the next sizes. The jeans that were around when clapping became a thing. The onesies that got in the way of crawling for the first time. The high tops that helped the unsteady feet during the I throw my hands up in the air sometimes! early days of walking.
  Sometimes I miss Bronson's two year old idiosyncrasies and little body a lot. But the Bronson that's with me right now is irreplaceable. He's smart and LOUD and vibrant. He's growing.
Newborn Everly was sweet and tiny and so cuddly. Current Everly is still sweet and now she recognizes us and responds to our voices. She's such a treat with so much goodness to come!
  They do grow so dang fast. I don't know, time's weird. I guess as long as I keep praying for them to be healthy and to grow, I have to be ok when that prayer is answered.