April 12, 2013

She reads//The Fault in Our Stars

This is just a picture I want to preserve.

I'm not an avid YA book reader. I'm also really annoying and tend to wallow in the mindset that if something is uber popular, it must suck. (Like how some people saw Titanic 14 times in theater and I still refuse to watch it all the way through.) (Also, how I read Harry Potter only 6 years ago and most people have been soaking in that goodness for almost 2 decades. My loss on that one.) (I have lots more examples of this mindset manifested but I'll stop.)  But then I needed a book to read and I happened upon a copy of The Fault in Our Stars so I borrowed it and read it straight away.

Now, when someone asks me what a book is about, I brush that question aside and just tell them my reaction to the book. (Or food, or movie. Really, no one should ever talk to me.) So here it is, my reaction to The Fault in Our Stars:

I loved it! And I didn't.

  So one of the reasons I don't dig YA books in general is that the ohmygosh we are destined to be together forever love story (and there always is one) usually happens within the span of a page (which can be how falling for someone goes but I'm "old" and critical now).
Sometimes there's a mystical reason the lovebirds can't stay away from each other (dat blood smell too yummy!!) but other times it's just boom: LOVE.
And so it is with Augustus. One look and he's pursuing Hazel like it's his job. That said, I do like how their story developed overall. It started out fast but I think the tempo eventually evened out. 
  Also, right away I loved Hazel and felt like she was kinda me from HS (a Converse clad snarkfest). But then Augustus was introduced and, surprise! He also had Hazel's tone. As did Isaac. As did Van Houten. I feel like maybe John Green's voice overshadowed his characters a little too much? While I enjoyed the sarcastic tone of everyone, it was kind of a lot.

  Overall, I wanted to know what happened to everyone, I wrote down a few quotes (Obviously this one: "And then there are books… which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal." I bet everyone feels like that about something.), I laughed, and I cried.
And I'm sad it's over.

I'd say read it.