June 3, 2013

one of the good ones

Just some pictures from a day I want to remember because it was good:
Topher had work off and we tried to sleep in but Bronson woke us up with his, "Daddy doesn't have work today?!" excitement.
Topher made breakfast.
I ran errands quickly and quietly and kid free.
We went to the splash pad.
We made it to *Sonic during happy hour! (Never happens!)
Toph took Bronson out to help some people move into the ward.
I worked out with only Everly for an audience. (She never asks me why I'm sweating so much or taking so many breaks. Bless her.)
The kids went to bed without too much negotiating.
We watched a bunch of Nashville. (Takes the edge off FNL being over.)

*Large cranberry limeade for Toph, medium lemonberry fruit slush for me, small strawberry fruit slush for B. Lemonberry fruit slush eventually for Ev, I guess.