July 30, 2013

day in the life

6:30ish: Everly's like, "Feeeed me!" Toph brings her into our room and I nurse her while he gets ready for work. He heads out the door to catch the bus and Ev and I go back to sleep.

8/9ish: Bronson wakes up and joins us for some snugs in the big bed. We hang out, I feed Ev again, we talk about how we slept and the dreams we had the night before. Eventually they ignore me and giggle together while I check twitter, insta, and email on my phone.

9:30/10:00ish: Bronson gets himself dressed, I brush his teeth and get Everly dressed. They play near each other in their room while I get myself ready and make the bed. I run in to check on them every 2 seconds.

10:00-11:00ish: I nurse Ev and then she takes her morning nap. While she's asleep, Bronson and I clean up the house, have breakfast and he gets in some more Lego time.

11:00-12:30ish: Everly makes one little peep and Bronson's running to her side yelling, "Oh Everly I missed you!" I nurse Ev, get B some lunch, and grab something for myself to eat too.

1:00-3:00ish: We head out the door. I try to go on at least one walk a day even if it's just to the tiny park in our complex. More often than not though, we end up walking a few miles and hit Target and "the big Target park" while we're out.

3:00-4:30ish: I nurse Ev and put her down for her afternoon nap. Bronson plays some more Legos, puts a million puzzles together, watches a show, and has a snack. I usually read, internet browse, build a puzzle or two with Bronson, juice, sew, or watch some tv.

5:00ish: Ev wakes up and gets smooched like crazy. She and Bronson play in the living room while I get dinner going.

5:15ish: Toph's home!!!

5:30-8:00ish: We eat dinner and play with the kids. I feed Ev real good and then head out to grocery shop, thrift, see friends, wander Target; whatever my, "I need a tiny break!" heart desires.

8:30-9:30ish: Bedtime for the kids! Baths, stories, more Everly nursing, prayers, tantrums, night lights; the whole shebang. If we did our job right, they end up conked out and peacefully quiet.

9:30-11:00ish: Toph and I hang out!!! We watch a movie, a few episodes of a tv show, eat junk food, talk about the possibility of renting a house someday, go over our budget, plan trips; whatever we want. Then it's bed time. I usually stay up reading til around 1 but Toph goes right to sleep. Something about being alert at work the next day? Whatever.


In summation: I nurse, Ev eats, B Legos, and Toph works. Boom.