July 30, 2013

the table toph built

Last Christmas we were still playing the waiting game on a job offer (and on Everly but that's another story...) and funds were pretty tight. I told Topher, "No presents for me!" (not to play the martyr, I actually love the idea of scrimping and saving and looking back and being like, "Man we were broke! Remember when we skipped Christmas! But look at us now! Mwahaha!" ::cue a pool full of hundred dollar bills::) but he ended up getting a job riiight before the big day (last year was a year of miracles for us).
Instead of rushing out and buying me something just to check it off the list, he thought about what I really wanted, needed, and what might benefit us as a family.

And then he built a table in 8 hours (for just 50 dollars!!) and I loved it.

We couldn't afford the fanciest supplies and had to borrow tools to make it, but I love how it turned out.
Toph did everything really carefully and paid attention to detail.
That kid, shoot. Sometimes he just gets me.