September 17, 2013

She Reads// Summer Reading

I feel like maybe my outstretched jazz hands didn't help me catch more air?


School's started and I didn't have to turn the air on in the car at all today so Summer's OVER! 
Here's what I read over the past hot, hot months: 

If I Stay (What a refreshingly good read! It was dark yet light, funny but also heartwrenching, sappy but still romantic; I really liked it. Toph read it too and liked it as well.)

Lord Of the Flies (This wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting but ohmygosh never again. I say not nearly as bad because it was really short ...)

Harry Potter 1 & 2 (We actually listened to these on a road trip and I usually don't count listening to a book but since I've read them before, I'm counting it this time. And hello Mr. JIM DALE. So good.)

Bossypants (AhahahahahHAa!!! Now here I think listening would be even better than reading because you kinda hear Tina's voice the whole time you're reading it anyway.)

Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? (Loved it even more than Bossypants! Mindy, I'll hang out with you!!!)

Eleanor and Park (My least favorite read of the summer. It gave me the skeeves but I HAD to finish it so there's that.)

Dad is Fat (Another fast, funny read but not nearly as funny as I'd hoped or expected.)

The Book Of Mormon (Actually ... I started it in the winter but I finally finished it again this summer!)

Watership Down (I JUST finished this one so I'm still pretty hung up on it. I read it because it's one of Topher's favorites and he's been mentioning it forever. I love that we can talk about it together now, book club! Overall it was a bit longer than I anticipated and I went into it not excepting to like it because it seemed super weird. That said, it was really good! It wrapped up well and I grew to love those stinking rabbits. Team Fiver forever!!)

Onward and upward to my fall book list.
(Fallfallfall! I love fall.)

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