September 10, 2013

welp. here we go.

 I've only mentioned it (accompanied with the sobbing emoji) on every single social media outlet today ... Mountains out of everything with a side of nostalgia, please.

He got to choose his outfit and the locale for our first day of school! pictures. Nicely done all around.

He wanted Everly in the pictures too because he loves her! Like 98% of the time. There have been requests to, "Put her back where she was before she was born!" but only when he's really tired or if she looks at his Legos.

And of course I wanted a picture with my big boy. I think we look a lot alike but my mom doesn't believe me.

 He's really into this power grip thing right now. Darth B.

The thing is, Bronson's a really good kid. He can be tantrumy, whiny and annoying but his very core essence is good (I'm obviously partial to him but a few other people have confirmed it too so I feel like it's fact). I don't want school to ruin that.

The idea of sending Bronson out into a world that's not heavily monitored by me makes me unsettled. I've considered home school (I was home schooled off and on, holler) but all of my reasons for wanting to do it are fear based. We live in a great school district education + safety wise but I'm still scared of Bronson getting hurt, being bullied, hearing crap from the other kids, and being exposed to stuff way too young. He's been so pumped to go to school because he loves new toys and they have a playground (very important factors) so we're kind of using this year as a trial run.

Rational me is all, "Calm down Meredith, two day a week preschool isn't going to turn him into a bullied drug dealer." Duh. BUT THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS!!!!! Just kidding. Kind of.
Anyway, he started today. And I get to go pick him up in 54 minutes and ask him all kinds of questions because I want to know everything.

It has been nice to have a silent house this morning (Everly's been napping) and I could get used to working out sans commentary, but I miss my little sidekick. 

The other day Bronson said, "I love myself because I'm a good self." I want him to remember that forever. He IS a good self and he knows what's right. I hope we can always talk pretty openly about what's going on in his life because that's my job. I'm fully invested here.

 Bronson manned the remote for these last three: