October 23, 2013

it's almost November so we're doing fine

So basically my goals for 2013 were:
1) have a baby (I added that one to the list at midnight on December 31st. At almost 42 weeks pregnant I figured my chances were pretty good.)
2) lose the baby weight (there's still time/we're getting there/Halloween will surely derail all my efforts but who cares. IloveminiTwizzlers.)
3) work on a new project I'd never tried before

The project I really wanted to start with was learning Copperplate calligraphy but I never got around to getting the right supplies. So quilting!!! I had a sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins, stacks of old sheets and living room floor space so I pinned this quilt tutorial Sunday night and got to work. (Very late) Tuesday night, it was done!!
 ^For size reference, it almost covers our double bed. I thought it'd be much smaller  when I first glanced at the tutorial, but after cutting out all the squares I realized how big it was. For my first pieced quilt it was maybe too big? But since it was such a simple overall design it wasn't that bad.

 ^Here's a close up of some of my "quilting"... I got tired of rotating the giant pieces of fabric around the walking foot on my machine pretty quickly so I went rogue. And neon. Neon thread was a game changer!

Things I learned:
- Playing around with the layout was the best part! It was like a giant puzzle on my living room floor with tons of "right" options (I cut a few different fabric squares to test out before landing on these).

- I'd like a rotary cutting mat. Cutting the squares/triangles would've been a lot faster with my rotary cutter but I don't have a mat so I just used my Ginghers. They worked ok but next time ....

- Only put the precious on the floor when the kids are in bed. I thought I could baste it really quickly while B was playing legos + Ev was napping, but I swear whenever I put it down they were drawn to it. B even managed to accidentally drop pizza on one of the corners and I reacted really well. :/

-  Stitching in the ditch was ok but I like the thread to show more.

- Mitered corners. I finally learned how to do them!! So not as hard as I thought.

- How to make my own binding + how to attach it by machine. Also much simpler (just time consuming) than I thought.


I'm already working on my second quilt and I can't wait to see how it turns out! It's a lot smaller but the design's a bit more complex this time. Slowly but surely, baby steps, give me all your Halloween candy!, etc.